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Coledampf kitchenware store in Berlin
Our tour group at the Brandenburg Gate which separates East and West Berlin
Memorials to East Germans who were killed trying to cross over to West Berlin
Reichstag in Berlin
Legislators slain for opposition to Hitler on display in front of Berlin's Reichstag
Close up of the stones with the names of the murdered politicians
The plaques were in front of houses where Jews were taken and sent to concentration camps.
The little man (Ampellman )signal started in East Berlin and continues now throughout the city
German History Museum (more interesting than it sounds!)
The largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall
Soviet era murals of happy young communists
A mall in Berlin with striking tile designs
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We bought souvenirs at the Ampelmann store
Jewish Museum in Berlin
The original Jewish Museum in Berlin
Striking Nefertiti bust--estimated to have been made over 3,300 years ago!
Rainy day in Dresden
Museum complex in Dresden
Largest porcelain tile mural in the world
Instead of the museum Tim and I went to the VW factory for a tour
Jewish cemetery at Thereseinstadt concentration camp
Litomerice, Czech Republic.  Charming town where we had to pay for toilet paper in the public restrooms.
 Sunset on the Charles Bridge in Prague
Small district under the Charles Bridge
Beautiful evening stroll around the city center
Foggy morning at Prague Castle
St Vitus looks old, but it wasn't completed until the 20th century--notice architecs above the door.
 Sidewalk patterns changed throughout the city.
Another of the many sidewalk patterns
Inside St Vitus at Prague Castle
The neighborhood below Prague Castle
Beautiful sgraffito on older buildings.
Fun lunch outdoors at a brewery near Prague Castle
View of the Vlatava from Prague Castle
House symbol in Prague
Looking up in Prague's Old Town Square
 A royal chandelier at St Nikolas in Prague where we heard a local small orchestra perform Brandenburg Concertos.
View from clock tower in Prague Square
BPV 2000266.JPG
Imperial hotel had gorgeous tile work (and amazing desserts)
Delicious coffee drinks at the Imperial
Mucha Museum was a treat
Cesky Krumlov was so charming
Lunch alongside the river
Unique shop signs in Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov pub
Entrance to Melk Abbey
Diorama showed the entire abbey complex
Melk Abbey combined old and new in their exhibits
Vienna's Design Museum was lovely and had several fascinating exhibits.
Landmark Arts and Crafts building
Beautiful tiles cover this Arts and Crafts masterpiece
Secession building in Vienna
Approaching Schonbrun Palace
Beautiful fall colors near Schonbrun
Looking toward Vienna from the Upper Belvedere
Couldn't resist photo of the bird
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