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A peaceful view in Wurzburg
Wurzburg cityscape
Christmas Markets Dec 2007 057.JPG
Christmas Markets Dec 2007 029_edited-1.JPG
Wurzburg was our first Christmas Market
It was crowded, but we didn't care...
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Entrance into the classic Christmas village of Rothenburg
The displays in Rothenburg were lavish
Rothenburg Christmas Market where all the buildings were decorated.
Kathe Wohlfahrt is the pre-eminent Christmas shop
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Christmas Markets Dec 2007 101.JPG
Magical tree inside Kathe Wohlfhart
Nuremberg stadium where Hitler addressed his most faithful followers.
Nuremberg housing was very traditional near the town center
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Christmas Markets Dec 2007 159.JPG
A very traditional Christmas Market in Nuremburg
The most amazingly realistic marzipan treats (even the sausages were made out of marzipan)
The Christmas Market was just outside the Cathedral
The Danube near Regensburg
Entering Regensburg
Handmade market in Regensburg
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Christmas Markets Dec 2007 251.JPG
Christmas Markets Dec 2007 167.JPG
Christmas Markets Dec 2007 256_edited-2.jpg
Unplanned stop in Deggendorf
Deggendorf's Market was crowded but we were pleased to find more handmade crafts
Historic Passau
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Christmas Markets Dec 2007 310.JPG
Christmas Markets Dec 2007 313_edited-1.JPG
Christmas Markets Dec 2007 340.JPG
Passau had a great selection of warm caps
Each market we visited had some unique Christmas ornaments.
It was SOOO cold on the river
The ship, Amadeus Princess, could dock at some very small ports so we could just walk into the town
Melk Abbey
Overlooking Melk from the Abbey
Melk Abbey is a baroque masterpiece
If you look closely you'll see the Island of California
The impressive church inside Melk Abbey
We had a stop in the Wachau Valley, one of Austria's wine regions.
It was fascinating to experience the locks in the Danube
Artistic chefs on board
It was SOOO cold in Vienna.  The Christmas market was at City Hall.
This seller had lovely nativity scenes
The booths in Vienna were among the fanciest we saw in the various markets.
A traditional jeweler in Vienna
Hofburg Palace in Vienna has a very impressive entrance
Vienna has beautiful statuary all over the city--lots of cherubs and musicians
Delicious Viennese pastries abounded
Unique colorful roof of St Stephens Cathedral in Vienna
We wish we could have seen the shooting stars at night
Only Vienna has such grand chandeliers
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