Gracie's first day at home--she could fit in my hand
 She was a regal cat who was always ready for a photo
 Gracie had such beautiful blue eyes
 I was always surprised when Gracie would hold a pose so I could snap a photo
 Gracie followed the sun around the house
 A watercolor of Gracie and me painted by Susan Faye, an artist I came across on Etsy.
 I still miss my sweet Gracie
 The day after Gracie died I went to the SF SPCA and adopted two sisters I named Daisy and Coco.  After 20 years with Gracie I couldn't imagine life without feline companionship.
 Daisy started exploring her new home right away
 Coco needed a little more time
One of my favorite photos of them--they can be so sweet with each other.
 There's nothing like a good stretch
 One of the rare photos where they almost look like twins
 Coco is quite the climber
 We are waiting for our treats
 My Welcome Home girls--they hear the garage door open and run to the front door to greet me.
 Coco and Daisy in Paris--painted by Carol Gillott, an American painter now living in Paris
 Daisy instinctively knows how to strike a pose
 Coco in one of her favorite spots--the living room mantle
 Queen Daisy surveying her kingdom
 Coco loves looking at the pretty ornaments.  Thankfully she doesn't try to swat them down.
 Daisy enjoyed the Christmas ambiance under the tree.
 Snuggling sisters
 Kissing sisters
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