The view of the Blue Mosque from our hotel was gorgeous!
Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque
The tilework inside the Blue Mosque is lovely.
A IMG_2372.JPG
Outdoor version of the Grand Bazaar--much less crowded and with quality merchandise
Free-roaming cats are all over Istanbul.
Hookah pipes for sale at Arasta Bazaar
We saw these colorful lights in many shops throughout the city
Hagia Sophia at dusk
The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are separated by a park with some lovely fountains.
The pulpit from Hagia Sophia's cathedral past
The Arabic medallions were added when the cathedral was converted to a mosque.
A IMG_5339.jpg
Mosaic in Hagia Sophia entrance hall had been covered with plaster when the building was converted to a mosque.
The mosques were beautifully illuminated at night
The underground cistern was quite unique-damp and eerily lit
Occasionally concerts are held in the acoustically vibrant cistern
The head of Medusa was holding up some of the columns in the underground cisterns.
Divan Yolu
The phone "booths" looked like salon
Corn on the cob and chestnuts were on sale at carts throughout the city.
Gate of Salutation-main entrance to Topkapi Palace
The Topkapi Palace grounds are a very green oasis in Istanbul.
Harem means private area so it was for the family, not just for the concubines.
a IMG_5200.jpg
a IMG_5218.JPG
a IMG_5239.JPG
A room for some of the concubines
a topkapi harem.jpg
a topkapi sultan apt.jpg
The emeralds in the Topkapi dagger were huge!
The weather was beautiful and the view from the Sultan's courtyard at Topkapi was gorgeous.
Istiklal Caddessi is considered the heart of modern Istanbul's social and commercial scene.  It was crowded and had no green
Classic Turkish breakfast at McD's
a IMG_5274.jpg
A IMG_5306.JPG
The flower passage off Istiklal was a quiet haven.
There were many shopping streets off Istiklal with a variety of vendors
a IMG_5290.jpg
A demonstration in support of handicapped rights.
a cats.jpg
A IMG_5313.JPG
A IMG_5314.JPG
a Galata 2.jpg
Galata Tower from the Bosphorus (DD photo)
Baccarat staircase inside Dohlmabace Palace
We saw more women in full coverage burqas than I expected.
Many of the mosques had park areas with fountains.
Overlooking the Marmara Sea from our hotel
A IMG_5319.JPG
A IMG_5321.JPG
A IMG_5326.JPG
Taking the tram across the Golden Horn on the Galata Bridge
Wedding Dress Road--a few miles of bridal shops!
Afternoon tea at the Pera Hotel with Pam and Mary
Beautiful mosaics in the Chora Church
Golden tiles in Chora Church
a IMG_5453.jpg
Lots of satellite dishes all over the city.
Lots of friendly folks in the Eminonu district
We met some very friendly kids on the walk from Chora Church.
Cobbler looking for business (DD photo)
A non-touristy neighborhood in Eminonu district.
Throughout the city we saw architetural remnants of Istanbul's art nouveau past.
Dohlmabace Palace from the
3-fishing boats in Sea of Marmara.JPG
Traditional Turkish sweets (DD photo)
66-view of Galata Tower from Topkapi Palace.JPG
Our last view of the Blue Mosque from Sumengen Hotel roof terrace.
67-at Topkapi Palace.JPG
Vintage trolleys travel the length of Istiklal
68-view of bridges from Topkapi Palace.JPG
69-view from Topkapi Palace.JPG
70-view of bridges across Bosphorus.JPG
106-fishing boat restaurant close-up.JPG
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