Parisian magic
Rainy morning waiting for the bus
I.M. Pei's glass pyramid at the Louvre
Arc de Triomphe du caroussel commemorating some of Napoleon's victories
Relaxing in front of the Louvre on a sunny day
Even the lamp post bases are artistic
Joan of Arc statue on rue des Pyramides
Legendary Les Deux Magots cafe
One of many charming storefronts
There was often a queue across the street from my hotel
People were waiting to get into Pierre Herme
Creator of luscious pastry
rue Bonaparte in front of my hotel
Viaduc des Artes--galleries and workshops in a former water transport system.
Place des Vosges is a peaceful oasis in the Marais
Covered arcade around Place des Vosges
Handmade jewelry shop
Most delicious quiche
Evening along Blvd Saint Germain
The macaron colors in Paris are so vivid
Tasty north African food near my hotel
Public art is all over Paris
Fantasy Metro entrance at Palais Royale
High fashion at Palais Royal
Amazing red sole shoes!
Stunning (stumbling...)
Beautiful street lamps
Most graphic bathroom sign ever!
Corkscrew light fixture at Bon Marche
Delicious terrine for dinner
The view from dinner
Traditional cafe in fancy 16th arrondisement
View from lunch table at the Building Museum
Golden domes atop Printemps dept store
Galleries Lafayettes has a gorgeous glass dome
Lemon meringue tart at Printemps
Notre Dame at night
rue Montorguiel is a delightful pedestrian only street market
My walking tour of the market was excellent.  We stopped in many shops for tastes and learned about the market's history
Fresh produce abounded
Handmade chocolates on rue Montorgueil
Artisanal French cheeses
Star patisserie on rue Montorgueil
Edible works of art
Dehillerins is a world-famous baking/cooking store
Unique sculpture outside St Eustache
Beautifully executed sculpture inside St Eustache
Crowds on the way to sunset at Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur steps are crowded with sunset viewers
Pink sunset from Sacre Coeur
Arc de Triomphe illuminated after dark
In front of the Arc de Triomphe
Enjoying a cafe au lait while waiting for Sainte Chapelle to open
Glorious Sainte Chapelle
Fleur de lis in Sainte Chapelle
Approaching Notre Dame
Nuns outside Notre Dame
Flying buttresses holding Notre Dame in place
Lock of love phenomenon started in Paris
Unobstructed view of Notre Dame
Booksellers along the Seine
The tiled storefront was gorgeous
Diana and I met at Bouillon Racine which has a lovely art nouveau interior
And delicious food
Beautiful roses in an artful display
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